In 2017 Safer York Partnership established a multi-agency Counter Terrorism Task Group in response to the terrorist attacks that had taken place on the UK Mainland  The group is now well established and recognised at Regional and National Level by Counter Terrorism professionals as an example of good practice.  The task group has its own annual action plan which is revised and refreshed to reflect the changing international, national and regional advice on Counter Terrorism


  • Work with all locations (venues and spaces) across the City that attract large crowds to ensure that they have considered and mitigated risk from terrorism and have adequate emergency plans in place
  • Utilise CCTV capacity across all sites in the City to support CT
  • Regularly deliver ACT Training and other relevant training and awareness events
  • Ensure CT arrangements are in place for all major events in the city
  • Oversee the delivery of a programme of CT security measures aimed at hostile vehicle mitigation for the City
  • Undertake an audit of policies which could be challenged in the event of a CT attack

For further information see Action Counters Terrorism:

The following link takes you to Stay Safe, a short film providing advice on what to do in the event of an attack:

Project Servator is an initiative led by North Yorkshire Police working to increase safety in our communities.   The following link explains:

If you see anything suspicious, please report to the police on 101 (999 in emergency) or to the Anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321

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