York riverside at night

Reducing the Harm Caused by Alcohol

Significant levels of concern have been raised by residents of York about large numbers of visitors arriving by train on a Saturday and behaving in a manner which is loud and disruptive. Consuming large quantities of alcohol much of which is pre-loaded before arriving into the city is of concern to Safer York Partnership from both a community safety and a health perspective. Drinking in excess leaves individuals vulnerable and often disorientated and has been a common factor in many of the 24 river deaths which have occurred in the last 15 years in the city.

Safer York Partnership is supporting the development of a long term alcohol strategy and working with partners to address the various crime and anti-social behaviour issues that are related to excessive consumption of alcohol.
Since 2014 we have:

  • Established a River Safety task group to deliver an action plan aimed at reducing risk related to the city’s rivers
  • Delivered Personal Safety campaigns in partnership with the universities
  • Strengthened the capacity of volunteer support to work with vulnerable people in the night time economy
  • Established a digital radio system for workers in the night time economy to link directly with the police
  • Increased our multi-agency problem solving work in relation to alcohol related anti-social behaviour

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